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Make your idea reality with our project creation tools

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its hard to develop an idea alone. Find partners to work with and be more efficient

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from whole steps to create and develop your idea in the right way

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Sphax is a non profit organization, all the tools are free and will always be

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What is Sphax?

Citizen projects

Sphax is a non-profit platform where you can create and get maximum exposure for your citizen projects in order to gather support, funds, attract volunteers and receive feedback.

The community

Be part of an involved community and enter a circle of passionate people who'd be happy to contribute to your project, discuss and make a difference with you.

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Create your project

You have a citizen idea? Make it a project and gather support thanks to a multitude of tools

All the necessary tools

This platform was made for your convenience. It helps you start from an idea all the way to a fully functioning project